2020 Goals: New Year, Same Me, Bigger Goals

This year I struggled with my goals.


Because, on one hand, I felt as though I was being too ambitious based on past performance and on the other hand I felt as though I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. Eventually, I decided to take my “feelings” out of the picture and focus on the things that would have the biggest impact on my finances and other personal goals by the end of 2020.

This is what I settled on.

Goal #1 – Pay down $15,000 in debt.
This number is a bit of a stretch for me, but it’s made up of minimum payments and planned debt snowballs.

Goal #2 – Reduce unnecessary spending.
If you followed my journey on my previous debt-free journey page (@theactuarybudgets) then you know that I have always struggled with eating out. This year I’m on a mission to cut my eating out budget in half and to curb my unbudgeted spending. If it’s really important, I’ll have to put it in the next months budget. #nospenddays #putitinthebudget

Goal #3 – Track everything.
This blog is all about documenting my journey so tracking how much I spend/save/invest is essential to knowing exactly where my money is going so that I’ll know where I’m going right or wrong.

Goal #4 – Earn more.
Last year I was on the search for a side hustle. Now that I have settled on something that I am passionate about I am excited to see it grow and start making money in 2020. My goal is to make at least $3000 for the year from this side hustle.

Goal #5 – Save, save, save.
If you’ve read my introduction post, you know that my biggest struggle is saving money. So this year I’ve decided to embark on several savings challenges to motivate me to build up my savings. And by implementing goals 2 to 4, I hope to see a significant increase in my savings in the new year 🙂

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